IPL Skin Treatments

IPL Melanin Pigmentation

Melanin stains causing unwanted discolouration on the skin are targeted. Typical examples are sun damage, age spots and freckles. The light energy destroys the pigmentation to leave clear, even skin tone.

IPL Vascular Pigmentation

Red blood cells causing blemishes in the skin tissue are targeted. Typical examples of conditions treated are spider veins and broken capillaries. Light energy destroys the pigment to remove the blemish from the skin.


Rosacea is a common long-term skin condition that mainly affects the face.
Nobody is sure what causes rosacea, but it manifests as persistent redness and visible blood vessels under the skin.
Courses of IPL photorejuvenation can help to reduce rosacea.


We all know what wrinkles are, skin rejuvenation is one of many treatments that can help reduce them.
Targeting light into the dermis can help with collagen and elastin production, which gives the skin more natural lift and volume.
HiFu is also a great treatment for wrinkle reduction

Broken Capillaries

Anything from smoking, to sneezing, to spending too much time in the sun can cause broken capillaries.
IPL energy can be targeted into the fractured veins to stop blood flow and eventually render them invisible.

Pigmentation Correction

Sometimes known as hyperpigmentation and vitiligo, irregularities in skin pigment is a common problem people face every day.
IPL therapy can break down excessive melanin giving consistent lighting to the skin tone.


Perhaps the most common skin condition, acne affects most people at some point in life.
The emitted light targets overactive sebaceous glands to reduce lesions and promotes collagen production to mitigate further outbreaks.

 Sun Damage

Caused by excessive exposure to UV light, many people live with sun damage and are looking for treatment methods to correct pigmentation.
Many people become confused about how intense pulsed light can fix damage caused by sunlight. IPL actually emits light from the visible spectrum, not UV – this has a different effect on the skin.