Jett Plasma Treatments

JETT PLASMA is a revolutionary non-invasive technology for skin tightening using a plasma current to remove excess skin by a precess called sublimation, this stimulates & contracts the skin causing tightening and lifting. It is a very safe and effective treatment that offers clients a longer term, non-surgical solution to heavy eyelids, saggy undereyes, heavily lined top lip or facial lines as well as for sagging loose skin on necks.

The Jett plasma hand piece creates ionisation while hovering the instrument over the skin, this subsequently creates a reaction in the tissues. The plasma energy flow stimulates new collagen formation, it stimulates elastin fibers, improves sun damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and smooths the skins surface.
This treatment does not involve cutting, injecting, burning or removing of skin or tissue.

It is particularly good at working with small areas of heavily lined skin such as upper and lower eye, ‘smoker’s’ lines over the mouth, deep lines and wrinkles, crows feet and necks,

A local anaesthetic is used before commencement of the procedure, so any discomfort from the treatment should be minimal. Many clients describe a feeling a moderate heat and tingling sensation.

The side effects are immediate and may include swelling & reddening of the treated area for 2-3 days. The healing process will include crusting (which should be left to fall away naturally) over the course of about a week. Treatments can sometimes lead to more prolonged redness and swelling, while the skin recovers, this is more likely when the eye lids or areas close to the eye are treated. It can take up to 7 to 10 days to fully recover for some individuals.

Makeup can be applied as cover where needed but should not be applied for 24hrs after the treatment. The results are instant and improve from 2weeks up to 3 months after treatment..  Most people see noticeable result after the first treatment although some may require more than one treatment and this is subject to your personal expectation, age and condition of the skin.
How long the treatment will last is subjective to number of treatments and your ageing process – you will age as you would otherwise and your skin will continue to relax as part of the ageing process, but typically this treatment may last a few years.