Laser Hair Removal

This treatment offers a long term permanent solution to unwanted facial and body hair. Suitable for both men and women and for all skin types with quick results seen after the couple of sessions.

Typically 6-12 sessions are required at intervals of every 4-6 weeks. At Newcastle Laser Clinic we use the unique InteliBrite LiteFLO technology.

The FDA approved procedure works by targeting the hair follicle with laser light. This energy damages and goes on to destroy the hair follicle, which stops the follicle from producing further hairs.

The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle whilst the surrounding tissue remains unaffected.

Next generation InteliBrite enables an amazing moving treatment, where the handset is constantly skimmed across the surface of the skin to deliver treatment in a super fast time.

As well as an 80% reduction in treatment time it’s completely painless, gentler on the skin and provides even better results.

°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.-> ? Thursday saw me check in with the fabulous Joanne at @newcastlelaserclinic for another session of IPL (ignore my 20 chins in view??‍♀️)?Hands down the best thing I started investing in and I wish I’d started this years ago?This is Joanne’s new machine that is l i t e r a l l y P A I N F R E E ?? ? I felt absolutely n o t h i n g during this❁I couldn’t recommend Joanne highly enough, she’s super sweet, extremely professional and knowledgable and she won’t do any treatments without a full formal consultation with you?Not just for the ladies too, guys go get yourself off for a chat with Joanne too?Not just IPL, Joanne offers an array of treatments. Jump on over to her page tagged and have a look ? <-.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°#ipl #ipltreatment #wishistartedsooner #cantrecommendthisladyenough #newcastlelaserclinic

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